Our next exhibition “Golden Blueprints” opens November 20th at WG gallery (50-52 Dobbin St) in Greenpoint, 6-9pm. Frequent updates will be posted here. See list of participating artists below:

Jesmin Aktar
Sharon Ascher 
Andras Borocz
Julie Combal   www.combal.arloartists.com
DoTank:Brooklyn   http://dotankbrooklyn.org
FiberGraf Collaborative
Meghan Fulkerson  http://meghanfulkerson.com
Williamsburg Independent People   http://dominosugar.org
Ellie Irons   www.ellieirons.com
Soo Im Lee   http://sooimlee.blogspot.com
Andrea Monti
Ethan Pettit
Eva Schicker
Tamas Szalczer
Carri Skoczek   www.carriskoczek.com    www.causeycontemporary.com
Sara Sun & Ethan Crenson Collaborative    http://www.vimeo.com/sarasun
Istvan Szil
Judy Thomas   http://www.judythomaswebsite.com/HOME.html
Richard Timperio
Rosa Valado   http://rosavalado.carbonmade.com
Kati Vilim
Jeanne Wilkinson   http://jeannewilkinson.com
Stephen Zacks   http://heroescharlatans.blogspot.com


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