Woven Spaces, a Brooklyn-based, non-profit arts organization, is launching the First Annual Greenpoint Film Festival.  With the promise to clean up toxins in the land and water, there’s a renewed joy in the air.  We think this promise of regeneration calls for a celebration!

Over Halloween weekend, between October 27th and the 30th, the festival will provide a platform for talented programmers to present exciting works by directors at all different stages of their careers.  Our program includes four full days of amazing films, ranging from experimental and avant-garde to documentary and radical green.  We have works by filmmakers Peter Tscherkassky, Phil Solomon, Walter Ungerer, and Maria De Luca, as well as such iconic figures as David Lynch and Jonas Mekas.

As a special treat, Mr. Mekas will present the world premiere of his latest filmMy Mars Bar Movie, his own love poem to the now-defunct East Village institution.  Our host Broadway Stages is generously providing us with a loft-style screening room overlooking Manhattan and the East River, located at 222 West Street at the corner of Eagle in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Please look here for updates to the film program.

To keep ticket prices at a bare minimum, we are asking for donations toward the final phase of production.  Your contribution will help pay for the following:

  • costs of film rentals and shipping
  • festival insurance
  • projection and technical staff

The festival coordinators, web developers, film programmers, advisers, and other staff members are all working for free.  Although the out pour of in-kind contributions has been tremendous, we still need your donation to help pay for these last expenses.

We thank you in advance for your donations, any amount you can afford to give. Please see the list of amazing rewards we’re offering for your support.  Most importantly, though, we hope to see you at the GFF for some great films and a crazy Halloween celebration!

Please check out our kickstarter.


Greenpoint Film Festival

                                                                                     Video by Lucas T. Green


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