Woven Spaces, Inc. is a Brooklyn, NY-based arts organization formed in 1996, to create urban community art projects, meditation and community spaces and to provide education programs by and for all members of the community.

The name “Woven Spaces” is inspired by ancient philosophies and the concept of the “Universe as One,” and by scientific findings in quantum physics and string theory which state that everything in the universe is in fact connected.

Woven Spaces emphasizes works and projects that are nurturing, foster gatherings of diverse peoples, and are inspired by elements of geometry, physics, and nature. The 0rganization strives, through its diverse projects, to infuse curiosity and nurture the sense of belonging as well as the soul’s need for reflection in its audiences. Woven Spaces uses art as a vehicle for investigation with the objective of empowering the individual. We believe this creates strong and healthy communities that can embrace peace-making efforts.

Our events, projects and programs have been held internationally as well as throughout New York City, and include:

  • Community spaces and arts events
  • Artist exhibitions and performances
  • Educational programs, for diverse groups ranging from elementary to high school grades, from college students to seniors.